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For In response to experiences on Earth the visual artist and curator Sage Lewis asked a random sampling of people to describe for her a time when they felt like they were on another planet. Each segment is from a different person describing different places and she has ordered them and pieced them together with some minor edits for grammar. In this creative writing piece, Sage uses found/assembled language. Inspired by her experiences in the desert of Qatar, her current project Mars analogues uses the surface of the earth as a corollary to surfaces of the moon and Mars. Mars analogues are places on earth that simulate conditions or characteristics of Mars. The techniques of mosaic, collage, or assemblage in art are useful for thinking about the layering, coding, and collage processes that happen within “screen space” to compose and compress such images. Image data that is captured in space by remote lenses and transmitted to earth for assembly has a material process that she is tracing as a model for her work.



The American artist and curator Sage Lewis is interested in the connections between material process and concept and works through drawing, sculpture, prints, and photography to translate images into multiple outcomes. Her photo-based works evoke an uncertain sense of space and establish a tactile relationship between drawing and the photographic. Lewis has recently exhibited at the Denison Museum in Granville, Ohio, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Hamad bin Khalifa University Art Gallery in Doha, Qatar. She held positions in arts administration and curating at the Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA, the Maine Arts Commission, and most recently, the Portland Museum of Art.

The next issue of Voices_ is in your mailbox! If not, subscribe below on our website or contact us.

The Brazilian critic and curator André Leal addresses in his article ¿Qué es el desierto? – Dos catástrofes y un Refugio (y una refutación)  the artistic process of the Argentinian artists Mauro Rosas and Fabián Urban in a determined area of the Patagonian Desert. By conducting a series of ‘scientific investigations’ in a determined area, the artists sought to undermine the idea of the desert as an empty region as it is usually characterized. Thus, the artistic result of the process addresses several political and culturally sensible themes that often disregard the desert populations in general, ‘decolonizing’ sciences and cultural constructions regarded to deserts in general.


André Leal is graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by the University of São Paulo and has a Master degree in Visual Arts by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with the research ‘Space-body, environment-experience: Hélio Oiticica and Gordon Matta-Clark – genealogies of the ‘contemporary’’. He is professor of Visual Arts at Candido Mendes University and independent critic and curator, having published texts in several academic and independent magazines. His doctoral investigation will address the relations between art and urban landscape through the production of several Brazilian and international artists.


We are delighted to announce the authors of the selected contributions!

 Starting in September we will release in our newsletter and website texts, pictures and poems of the finalists. In late 2018 the selected contributions will be published in form of a printed book together with texts of guest authors.

Nessrine Abbassi (TN); Camilla Boemio (IT); Cristina Fiordimela Freddy Paul Grunert (IT/DE); Stephanie Gervais (US); André Leal (BR); Sage Lewis(US); Judy Ling Wong (UK); Mauro Rosas Fernando Sánchez Fabian Urban (AR); Naz Shahrokh (US); Everensel Ürüm (TR); Marina Velez (ES)

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The art project Echoes of the Void invites to contribute an article about research and reflections relevant to deserts and desertification.

Contributions will be published in a printed book, in the periodical e-newsletter, and on the

Deadline: June 15, 2017

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Here we present the documentary of the edition 2017 of the artist residency Barda del Desierto in Patagonia.

Maria Rebecca is talking here in perfect Spanish about her experience and of her work.

Have a look!

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a delightful evening with Barda Del Desierto residency artists: Carmen Vicente (Peru); Celeste Rojas Mugica (Chile), Federico Gloriani (Argentina); Leo Ayres (Brazil); Natalí Tubenchlak (Brazil); Nina Bacun (Croatia), Rodrigo Alcon Quintanilha (Argentina); Mauro Rosas and Fabián Urban (Argentina)

Starting my project “Imaginary Atlas” with the local community for the residence program Barda del Desierto. A special thanks to Albinia Elena Villalba for hospitality, for the delicious “churrasca patagonica”, thè mate and for telling me in the interview so interesting stories!