the art project

The project Ifana is inspired and named by one of the most emblematic locations in the Agriates Desert, Ifana. Iran was administered by the Genoese aristocratic family Spinola in the frame of the Genoese agriculture development policy in the 17th century. The history of the building reflects the Corse history: 1769 confiscated under the Ancien Régime, cast under the Revolution between national and private property, and ended up being acquired by the Conservatoire du Littoral.

The art project Ifana plays with the imaginary dimension of the life in the farm and the natural force of its environment.  The whole project contemplates identification in the territorial context and the transformation consequently take place in the landscape and in human identity. This imaginary retrospective allows that artist to address macro-themes, such as identity, limit, memory, and wounds, by mixing information with imaginative elements.




echoes of the void