sonoran desert

Every itinerary comprises three parts:
The first part consists in the artist’s journey itself. The concept of the journey is defined by Maria Rebecca Ballestra as research method in which she physically and psychologically confronts conditions of the environment, therefore she explores and experiences possibilities of different viewpoints and processes.
The second part is formed of an artistic production indicating the insights, experience and research result Ballestra made during the journeys.
In the third part is invited a researcher to contribute with a written text regarding the geopolitical or anthropological contexts of the corresponding desert.

the journey: sonoran desert
The first step of the project, it is the hottest desert in North America and it is home to the cultures of over seventeen contemporary Native American tribes.

the art workunhumanize
Ballestra found herself during her journey through the Sonoran desert close to the condition John Robinson Jeffers expresses in his poem Carmel Point

unhumanize- art work-Maria Rebecca Ballestra

local support: signal fire
This itinerary started during the walking art residency at Signal Fire which provides opportunities for artists and activists to engage in the natural world.