Every itinerary comprises three parts:
The first part consists in the artist’s journey itself. The concept of the journey is defined by Maria Rebecca Ballestra as a research method in which she physically and psychologically confronts conditions of the environment, therefore she explores and experiences possibilities of diverse viewpoints and processes.
The second part is formed of an artistic production indicating the insights, experience and research result Ballestra made during the journeys.
In the third part is invited a researcher to contribute with a written text regarding the geopolitical or anthropological contexts of the corresponding desert.

the journey: greenland
The seventh step of the project, the Arctic is a polar region located in the northernmost part of Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of Alaska (US), Northern Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark) Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.
The Arctic region is a unique area of Earth’s ecosystems.

the artwork: echoes of the void
The artwork takes its name from the project title as for Maria Rebecca the arctic experience identifies best the sensation and core idea of the project: the awareness of the human position in and in front of nature. The artwork consists in 10 photographs juxtaposed by sound compositions scored for the images by artists Wen Chin Fu, Ciro Perrino, and others.