Every itinerary comprises three parts:
The first part consists in the artist’s journey itself. The concept of the journey is defined by Maria Rebecca Ballestra as a research method in which she physically and psychologically confronts conditions of the environment, therefore she explores and experiences possibilities of different viewpoints and processes.
The second part is formed of an artistic production indicating the insights, experience and research result Ballestra made during the journeys.
In the third part is invited a researcher to contribute with a written text regarding the geopolitical or anthropological contexts of the corresponding desert.

the desert: agriates
The third step of the project, Agriates Desert is the only large area of Corsica without a coastal road. The bays and gulfs of the desert can only be reached by sea or by long dirt roads.

Agriates-Desert-Corsica-Maria Rebecca Ballestra-echoesofthevoid

the artwork: ifana
The art project Ifana plays with the imaginary dimension of the life in the farm and the natural force of its environment allowing the artist to address macro-themes, such as identity, limit, memory.

local support: FRAC Corse
Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain – FRAC Corse  supports also young international artist’s production and organizes conferences, artist talks and a residence program on invitation.