Sage Lewis

In response to experiences on Earth [abstract]

This is a creative writing piece using found/assembled language. Inspired by my experiences in the desert of Qatar, my current work uses the surface of the earth as a corollary to surfaces of the moon and Mars. “Mars analogues” are places on earth that simulate conditions or characteristics of Mars. Such places can evoke the feeling of being on another planet, but also remain by default, very earthly and very human. When I look at images from space, recognizing the human element and the tactile processes that are embedded (however masked or buried from view) in the assembly of images from data is central. The techniques of mosaic, collage, or assemblage in the history of art are useful for thinking about the layering, coding, and collage processes that happen within “screen space” to compose and compress such images. Image data that is captured in space by remote lenses and transmitted to earth for assembly has a material process that I am tracing as a model for my work in the studio.

For this project, I asked a random sampling of people to describe for me a time when they felt like they were on another planet. Each segment is from a different person describing different places and I have ordered them and pieced them together with some minor edits for grammar.


Abstract of the text published in February 2018 in the Echoes of the Void newsletter VOICES_

The full text will be published in a printed book in the 2020.