Mauro Rosas, Fernando Sánchez, Fabian Urban

Invention and conquest of the desert in Patagonia Argentina [abstract]

This working paper constitutes a reflexive and situated essay around the notion of desert and its historical, cultural and political conditions.
The text arises from a process of collective reflection developed during an artistic investigation work carried out at “Barda del Desierto” Residence in the city of Contralmirante Cordero, Río Negro, Argentina.
We start from an analysis of cartography as a practice of intervention on the territory, which includes the production of an imaginary about space and also a projection of what is intended to be built in it. From the enunciation of “invention and conquest of the desert” we address the historical process of military occupation of Norpatagonia (Argentina) at the end of the XIX century, legitimized by a discourse that defined this territory as an empty place in natural and cultural terms. We propose to problematize the notion of desert, to denaturalize it, to make visible other meanings (past and present) on this space that we inhabit.


Abstract of the text which will be published in the Echoes of the Void newsletter VOICES_
The full text will be published in a printed book in the 2020.