Evrenesel Ürüm

N-CEF-137 [abstract]

the gaze of a female god,
the crystal mind eye, blood & fire meets in the life,
living, seeing, disturbing so deep, so deep…
Still very simple like a keep, hey kid !

the suspicious scan of cosmic colors,
a tired working class kiss,
rings which no exists,
a nurse feeling nun,
maked up for life,
the core of fire

butcher souled farmer ,
a purple born genin,
iconic painted mind,
tilted between ;
dove vs eagle

curious dreams of a pupil,
colors in a black hole,
a yogurt make up on fat lips,
who you are ?
Who ?


Abstract of the text which will be published in April 2018, in the Echoes of the Void newsletter VOICES_

The full text will be published in a printed book in the 2020.