Emanuela Guano & Ariel Walker

“Argentina is an Imaginary Country:” Negotiating Identities across the Urban/Rural Divide [abstract]

[…] In 1834, governor Juan Manuel Rosas organized campaign to submit (or more accurately exterminate) the indigenous people living in the Pampas and Northern Patagonia—Rancheles, Tehuelches, and Mapuches whose fault was to claim their ancestral land and to indulge in violent opposition to the colonizers (Rock 1985). To Rosas and his armies, the desert was an empty space to be cleansed of residual presences for the purposes of civilization, and denying the humanity of its native populations was instrumental to this agenda.


Abstract of the textwhich will be published in the Echoes of the Void newsletter VOICES_

The full text will be published in a printed book in the 2020.