here you can find the contributions of the researches regarding each itinerary. This page will also host guest writers to enrich the project and enlighten us about wastlands and their context.


Call for Contributions

The art project Echoes of the Void invites to contribute an article about research and reflections relevant to deserts and desertification.

Contributions will be published in a printed book, in the periodical e-newsletter, and on the

Deadline: June 15, 2017

Echoes of the Void is an itinerant and interdisciplinary art project consisting in artistic productions by Maria Rebecca Ballestra as results of insights and researches made during the journeys through the deserts; the third part of the desert project is open for contributions by researchers, artist, scientists, and journalists, who like to share their reflections and knowledge about the specific context topics of deserts.
The deserts are the protagonists of this long-term project: Maria Rebecca Ballestra travels to the 12 world biggest – and some of the smaller, but important – deserts investigating their geopolitical or environmental aspects. The most of the artist’s stays and travels are supported by local artist residence programs of contemporary art institutions and projects.
During the project process will take place exhibitions, conferences, and online publications; and as conclusion will be showcased in late 2018 a final exhibition in Venice, published a catalog and a book of articles and essays by the contributors.

For information about the project, please check this website or write to

The contribution has to be sent to not later than June 15, 2017.

The review and selection process will be from 16 to 30  June, 2017.

The contribution proposal must include:

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