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Maria Rebecca Ballestra

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The artist in nomadic condition: Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Since years Maria Rebecca Ballestra works under nomadic condition with a new and strong aesthetic imprint

Maria Rebecca Ballestra

The Italian artist and cultural producer Maria Rebecca Ballestra, studied Fine Arts in Florence and is now based in Monaco. The core issue of her work and investigations is the relation between nature and humanity regarding its expressions in science, technologies and culture. Her artistic realizations ranges from photography, video, installation and performance to participatory art projects presenting subjects of political, social or environmental importance and reflecting on possibilities of transformations. One fundamental element of her artistic operations is therefore the journey as condition for investigations and experiences on a physical and psychological level which result in art works. One of her major itinerary project was Journey into Fragility: a two year travel project about reframing environmental issues and of which the artistic works were showcased in diverse venues as in the Tunnel Riva in Monte Carlo and on the Venetian Certosa Island during the Venice Biennial 2015; the project was supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Italian Branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Rebecca is active in various collaborative projects, as the participatory project Social Soups, and cultural productions, like the Interreligious Conference 2015, with the cultural association Dante Alighieri in Monaco.

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