echoes of the void

a transdisciplinary art project by Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Over two years this project will investigate the geological, cultural, spiritual, environmental and political meaning of the wastelands in the world, convinced, that the territories and environmental issues are intrinsically connected with culture in terms of understanding “the other” and that the ongoing creation of new forms of expressions helps us to increase awareness. Different levels of topographical transformation will be considered, including desertification by industrialization and globalization. During this collaborative project, multimedia art works will be produced by co-operating with researchers of science and humanities. The outcome will be, along with the art works, a production of special digital and paper publications with scientific, literary and theoretical essays as well as artistic contributions.


project structure

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The project consits in desert itineraries, each itinerary comprises three parts:


The first part consist in the artist’s journey itself. The concept of the journey is defined by Maria Rebecca Ballestra as research method in which she physically and psychologically confronts conditions of the environment, therefore she explores and experiences possibilities of divers viewpoints and processes.

The second part is formed of an artistic production indicating the insights, experience and research result Ballestra made during the journeys.

In the third part is invited a researcher to contribute with a written text regarding the geopolitical or anthropological contexts of the corresponding desert.



about me

the artist in nomadic condition

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Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Exploring the relationship between humanity, science, new technologies, and the ecosystem, my work is realized across diverse media including photography, video, installation, performance, and community-based activities. Addressing social, political, and environmental themes, my work is profoundly informed by my experiences during artist-in-residency programs undertaken around the world.


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exhibitions and events

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November 29, 2017

In Bastia, Corse, at 6.00 pm will be the opening of the exhibition by IFANA Maria Rebecca Ballestra, presenting her work produced during the residency at FRAC in the frame of Echoes of the Void itinerary in Agriates.

echoes in media

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Télé Paese Corsica

November 30, 2017


Hier soir était inaugurée au musée de Bastia l’exposition « Ifana ». Une exposition de l’artiste italienne, Maria Rebecca Ballestra, et qui met en avant un des lieux les plus emblématiques du désert des Agriates, une belle bâtisse construite au 17e siècle par une famille génoise des Spinola. Pour réaliser ce projet, Maria Rebecca Ballestra a travaillé en collaboration avec deux lycées de Bastia (le lycée professionnel Fred Scamaroni et le lycée Giocante de Casabianca). Un projet qui à pour thème l’identité, la mémoire en mêlant des informations et des données techniques à des éléments créatifs. Le projet « Ifana » à pris la forme d’une vidéo, d’une série de photo et d’une installation au musée de Bastia. C’est suite à l’invitation du FRAC Corsica que l’artiste a réalisé ses œuvres entre 2016 et 2017. Cette exposition sera accessible au public du 29 novembre 2017 au 03 mars 2018




January-February, 2017; text by Arianna Testino

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Il Giornale delle Fondazioni

Notizie in breve dal mondo delle Fondazioni

  • Pubblicato il: 20/01/2017 – 12:05
Rubrica: POST-IT
Autore: Francesca Sereno

Con Echoes of the Void, i deserti raccontati da Maria Rebecca Ballestra.

Echoes of the Void è il nuovo progetto itinerante dell’artista Maria Rebecca Ballestra, patrocinato dall’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia e curato da Rachela Abbate, che vede tra i partner Il Giornale delle Fondazioni.
Un progetto dall’apertura internazionale e transdisciplinare, in linea con la metodologia progettuale dell’artista, che durante due anni di viaggi si confronterà con il tema dei deserti e dei territori poco antropizzati.

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Echoes of the Void, il nuovo progetto itinerante dell’artista Maria Rebecca Ballestra approda negli Emirati Arabi Uniti

27 dicembre 2016

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article about the project echoes of the void in:

Ascoltare il deserto. Maria Rebecca Ballestra | Artribune

Scritto da Arianna Testino | martedì, 15 novembre 2016

Il dialogo tra arte e ambiente è un terreno sul quale da decenni prende forma l’indagine di intere generazioni creative. Complici gli equilibri sempre più fragili di un ecosistema compromesso, il linguaggio artistico contribuisce a dar voce alle dinamiche naturali, offrendo spunti di riflessione sorprendenti. Su questo sfondo si muove la ricerca di Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Ventimiglia, 1974). Viaggiatrice instancabile, l’artista ha dato vita a un nuovo progetto di “ascolto”, nei confronti di un interlocutore d’eccezione.

I dettagli in questa intervista…..

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