echoes of the void

a transdisciplinary art project by Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Over two years this project will investigate the geological, cultural, spiritual, environmental and political meaning of the wastelands in the world, convinced, that the territories and environmental issues are intrinsically connected with culture in terms of understanding “the other” and that the ongoing creation of new forms of expressions helps us to increase awareness. Different levels of topographical transformation will be considered, including desertification by industrialization and globalization. During this collaborative project, multimedia art works will be produced by co-operating with researchers of science and humanities. The outcome will be, along with the art works, a production of special digital and paper publications with scientific, literary and theoretical essays as well as artistic contributions.

about the artist

the artist in nomadic condition

art as process

Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Exploring the relationship between humanity, science, new technologies, and the ecosystem, my work is realized across diverse media including photography, video, installation, performance, and community-based activities. Addressing social, political, and environmental themes, my work is profoundly informed by my experiences during artist-in-residency programs undertaken around the world.


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